We work with Financial Instruments

from High Rated International Banks


Once our Analysts have completed the review of any given client’s documents (or introducer’s client’s documents) and give it a positive review, before presenting the project to our Board we expect our clients and introducers to have read and agreed with the following:

If this process is understood and accepted by the client(s) and introducer(s), we move forward with the respective project and submit it to our Board for the issuance of a Term Sheet.

If the project is retained by the Board, then a Term Sheet is prepared and if the TS is accepted , then the Project returns to our Executive our Administration Dept. and is forwarded by e-mail to both the client(s) and introducer(s). After this, the Committee for Final Approval issues a Formal Investment Proposal.

Having said that, BeyondTech is very different from anyone else in the industry in that we do not charge any Application Fees, Review Fees, Meeting Fees, Stand-by Fees, Pre-Due Diligence Fees, nor any other type of up-front fees; in fact, we charge no fees whatsoever until such time as BeyondTech is ready to commit to the project by way of a Term Sheet (as explained hereafter). This, however, does not mean that there are no fees at all – on the contrary.

Any given client will have to spend money for Financial Instruments such as Bank Guarantee (BG) or a Stand-By Letter of Credit (SBLC). These instruments serve as collateral with any bank worldwide to secure commercial finance for project finance or establish line of credit.

As for the costs of those reports, we encourage clients and introducers to contact any of the aforementioned international Firms and they will gladly provide the information related to the costs, which will vary depending on the size of the project.

It is very important for both the client(s) and introducer(s) to realize that generally speaking any type of BG or SLBC have to be paid in advance to the bank (NOT TO BeyondTech); thus, if any given client is not in a position to afford the costs of those Guarantees, then there is no use in going further with the proposed transaction. In such a case, we suggest that this issue be thoroughly discussed among the client’s colleagues and advisors, so that it may be clearly understood that money will need to be disbursed on the Bank Guarantees we mentioned in order to bring access to the funds needed for the respective project. 
We wish to reiterate that the monies disbursed will be spent on International Banks – not with BeyondTech.

Having said that, and presuming that after discussing the issues of Guarantees needed a client is comfortable that he/she can afford the cost involved, then the client is back in contact with us, after which we shall submit the client’s project to our Board for the issuance of a Term Sheet (“TS”) with general details about the Structure we propose for the funding.

If the Client accepts the TS, then we refer the file back to the funding provider for the issuance of an Investment Proposal, which will re-iterate what was in the TS, in more elaborate terms, and if the Proposal is signed then a project generally closes within 60 working days, subject to : 1) A positive Appraisal Report 2) A positive Economical Viability and 3) A positive Audit (Due Diligence) of the Project.n